Photochromism: Molecules and Systems. Heinz Durr, Henri Bouas-Laurent

Photochromism: Molecules and Systems

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Photochromism: Molecules and Systems Heinz Durr, Henri Bouas-Laurent
Publisher: Elsevier Science

In liquid crystalline systems, the molecules behave in collective fashions (cooperative manners), so the photoalignment becomes more and more effective. An Introduction to Molecular Electronics, ch. This was a highly challenging issue. However, there have been, up to now, no attempts to align the larger mesoscale structures of MPS of block copolymers driven by the photoinduced alignment of photochromic molecules. Inspired by their smart photo-switchable characteristics, a variety of light-driven functional materials have been exploited, such as ultrahigh-density optical data storage, molecular switches, logic gates, molecular wires, optic/electronic devices, sensors, bio-imaging and so on. New York: Oxford University Press. This review Further development of these photo-switchable systems into practical applications as well as existing challenges are also discussed and put in prospect. Nevertheless, up to now, coupled molecular photochromic entities are limited by a series of hurdles (problem of reversibility, parasite reactions, lack of emergent properties…). The research group had already reported a super highly sensitive photochromic molecule with a 100% coloring sensitivity. Fast andreversible photoinduced structural changes characteristic of photochromic materials are particularly interesting as they imply the use of molecular systems for all-optical switching. Photochromism: Molecules and Systems. JFS accepts donations from around the world, by Justgiving, a secure web payment system.